80% Loan to Value Buy to Let Mortgages

80% Loan to Value Buy to Let Mortgages “I have helped many property professionals scale their property portfolios and achieve their goals . If you are looking for a mortgage broker to navigate you through the mortgage process then you are in the right place. “

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80% Loan to Value Buy to Let Mortgages
80% Loan to Value Buy to Let Mortgages
80% Loan to Value Buy to Let Mortgages

80% LTV Buy to Let Mortgages

The standard deposit for buy-to-let investment is usually 25% and a borrowing of 75% however some lenders are able to lend 80% and even 85% of the purchase price or value of the property. 

The amount you can borrow on a buy-to-let mortgage is dependent on rental income. Lenders now stress test the mortgage. Some lenders have a stricter stress test and some lenders have favourable stress tests.  As a rule of thumb, the high street lenders tend to make sure the yearly rent meets 145% of the mortgage interest and then stress test by 5.5%. Lenders who specialise in buy-to-let mortgages tend to have more favourable stress tests. 

Is Buy-To-Let Still a Good Idea?

Buy-to-let is often seen as a great long-term investment for landlords looking to make their money work for them. It is proven that over time, property values typically increase creating a safe investment for buyers. 

Rent is usually paid by the tenant every month. The mortgage is usually on interest only. The difference between these 2 is your gross profit. However there are many other things to consider. Like taxation, service charges, estate agents fees and property maintenance. It’s best to get advice about the structure of your purchase from a qualified accountant.

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80% Loan to Value Buy to Let Mortgages

I have successfully assisted hundreds of people get their dream mortgage. With many years of experience as a Mortgage Broker. I have come across all types of clients who have trusted me to guide them through what can feel like a daunting process. I provide and lead my clients through this entire process with a precise, attention to every detail, in an effort to make sure their mortgage plans are being met with clarity and proficiency.

Maximum LTV for a Buy-To-Let Mortgage?

The maximum LTV for a buy-to-let mortgage is 85%. For buyers, that means fronting a 15% deposit and receiving a loan from a lender for the remaining 85%. 

Hiring a broker will make the buy-to-let application process easier,. The most common mortgage rate options for a maximum LTV mortgage include fixed rate, variable rate, discounted rate, and tracker rate. 

You must keep in mind that generally the higher the loan to value, higher the interest rate. Lenders tend to charge higher interest if there is an increased risk in lending. You must also consider if property prices fell you could end up in negative equity. 

How Easy Is It to Get an 85% LTV Buy-To-Let Mortgage?

This will depend on a number of things. Lenders will take into consideration the property price, the loan amount and the rental income. 

This is all goes back to the way lenders assess the rental income and the stress test. Mortgage Avenue are able to help guide you through this and assess the rental income to see if your proposed purchase or re mortgage will qualify for 85% LTV lending.  

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