Multi-Unit Block Mortgages

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Multi-Unit Block Mortgages

A Multi-Unit block is anymore than 1 property on the same free hold title. Defined by the fact that the separate units are self contained, An example of this can be a block of flats as they each get their own kitchen and bathrooms, it’s a MUB. Commercial building e.g. flats and offices is a MUB Or if you separated a house into these 4 flats is MUB, in order to convert a property into MUB you would require planning permission. 

Who is eligible for Multi-Unit Block Mortgage?

It is a much more complex mortgage loan therefore it is important that you come to a specialist mortgage broker like ourselves as we will be more geared up than high street lenders to find the best avenue for your mortgage aspirations and find you the best lender based on your income and experience in property investment.  

Why is Multi-Unit Block a good investment?

This many times can be very profitable as you can receive higher monthly rents than traditional single buy to let property as you have more tenants and can get more financial gain for one property many times under one postcode. Although on the flip side of this there may be more complications you may face due to the separate utilities to maintain.

How can we help you

We will ensure to look into the best deal on the market for you according to your finances and circumstances.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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