Fixed rate mortgage ending

Fixed rate mortgage ending “I have helped many property professionals scale their property portfolios and achieve their goals . If you are looking for a mortgage broker to navigate you through the mortgage process then you are in the right place. “

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Fixed rate mortgage ending
Fixed rate mortgage ending
Fixed rate mortgage ending

Fixed rate mortgage ending

If you have a fixed rate mortgage which is coming to an end then it may be best to speak with a mortgage broker who is able to assess your circumstances and recommend a mortgage that best suits your needs. 

Fixed rate mortgages usually end after 2 years, 3 years and 5 years. The best time to review new portage products is 6 months in advance. To learn more about remortgaging then please click here.

What happens when your fixed rate mortgage ends?

Depending on how long you chose to have your fixed rate mortgage setup, once it comes to an end you will be on the standard variable rate. The variable rate can go up or down and the interest rates generally are higher than a fixed rate mortgage.

We always recommend remortgaging for a better rate unless you are looking to move house or pay off the mortgage very often.

Fixed rate mortgage ending

Does an existing lender offer loyalty products?

It’s not wise to just review products from one lender. Speaking to a broker will give you access to the market and find you products that suit your needs. We offer products from a range of lenders and may have products that are cheaper than what your existing lender will offer.

Can you change your mortgage product midway through a fixed rate mortgage?

Most fixed rate mortgages have an early repayment charge penalty. You must check the terms of your current mortgage deal to see if you are liable to pay a penalty by leaving the mortgage product within the fixed term. You are not liable for an early repayment charge once your mortgage product has come to an end.

How can we help?

Over the years we have helped many individuals and families secure a mortgage product. We provide advice and recommendations according to your circumstances when obtaining a mortgage.

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Fixed rate mortgage ending

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Hemal started the business during the pandemic and put customer service and expert advice at the forefront. Hemal has had media publications like BBC news, BBC radio and other media sources.
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